February 1, 2008

brb - gone 2 rehab.

i'm on a mission, and i am determined.
i must find some boots. very vague, yes, but let me elaborate. they have to follow these requirements in order to be inducted into my wardrobe:

1 - they must be black.
2 - they must be heeled.
3 - they must be around ankle length, but preferably a little over the ankle. just a little.
4 - they must be high, yet not so high that i humiliate myself by toppling over every few steps.
5 - they must be almond toes, or rounded.
6 - they cannot be real leather.

essentially, i'm looking for some vertiginous black ankle boots that are animal-friendly.
that should be pretty easy to find ...
or not.

i've conjured up these boots that don't quite exist other than in my head. and as far as i know, i am not salvatore ferragamo, and therefore cannot create spectacular shoes on a whim. in order for me to wear them, they've got to be tangible, and so the search begins.

first candidate:

rumi from fashion toast's jessica simpson boots.

second candidate:

the balenciaga knock-offs from victoria's secret.

if only they could somehow melt & morph together to make the dream bootie.
then i could pair them with diaphanous & drapey tops and leggings;

team them with tight long sleeve shirts tucked into flirty skirts and a gigantic statement necklaces;

wear them with a seemingly innocent dress, with or without opaque black tights;

don them with high-waisted jeans & a tee and topped off with a thick belt;

or with a two-times-too-big belted sweater;

the possibilities would be endless, they just can't go wrong. their multifarious & versatile ways are flawless.

i'll be dreaming about them until mr. ferragamo comes to my rescue. or at least transit.



Andy said...

i have boots which are really similar the the ones you put. check it on myblog they is a picture. they are from Repetto.

emsie said...

some great boots and i think they'd look lovely with your outfit combinations.

hope you find the perfect pair!


Stephanie said...

Love love love the second pair of boots! I bet they'd be ridiculous uncomfortably to walk in, though.

Heather said...

Great outfit ideas! I just got the perfect pair of flat black ankle boots... I feel like such a badass in them.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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Anonymous said...

Here's a faux leather one from forever21:


Anonymous said...

Here's a faux leather one from forever21:


Molly ;) said...

I know what you mean. I find it so hard to get the boots that i want!
However, out of the two you chose, i do love the balenciaga ones.
I like the way you posted them with posible outfits. Its given me some great ideas!
Great work, keep it up!
Molly xo.

coco said...

The most amazing find of my life were some boots exactly like the pictures you have shown from h&M
i'm not kidding h&m
I was amazed!!!

jadorevogue said...

i love rumi's boots, they're fab!

bigglassesgirl said...

I like the Victoria's Secret boots, so much so I almost bought them a while back but then hear their shipping to Canada is ridic.

Grace said...

wowee zowee to candidate number two!

lily said...

argh i love those boots :)
aswell as your blog, I have added you to my blog roll

Wendy said...

Nice selection of boots! I'm still on my boot craze, but now I'm after a good pair of ankle boots.

Elisabeth said...

Wow, I hope you manage to achieve your goal; they sound gorgeous boots!

Andy said...

New on my blog
comment it :-)

connie said...

Victoria Secret's Sam Edelmens are soooo sick but according to Agathe at StyeBytes, they're really high, really uncomfortable, kind of oddly formed, girl--don't let that stop you. I'm still thinking about getting them meselffff


a. said...

i just got that AA sweatshirt in medium & in lapis and i swear every morning i have to stop myself from picking it out to wear another time.

its just so comfy & looks fab belted. it gives the bottom this bell shape thats just gorgeous. please get it! you wont regret it.

ps. ive only heard good things about those sam edeldman booties. i still need to get myself a pair...

kathrynsky said...

like your blog!!!

La gamine said...

Je sui tropfan de ton blog!!