January 8, 2008

sweet like candy floss.

my favourites out of vogue's 10 best dressed of the week; [01.08.08.]:

emily mortimer in chloé (though i would've chosen differently coloured shoes, i still admire the choice) & jessica joffe in miu miu (casual chic at it's best).

& this picture is from last week, but diane looks too fabulous to be ignored.


ps school has started back up again for the two of us, so i'm sorry to say that posts might again become less frequent, also due to midterm exams for me. we'll try though !


the iron chic said...

I know you are all busy with school, but I tagged you!

joy said...

I love the miu miu, that outfit is pretty much what I strive for every day. I need to find some of those super duper long leggings! I love the look of them almost tucked into flats like that.

Heather said...

emily mortimer is adorable! I love her outfits too.