January 3, 2008

reality eclipsed into the asphalt horizon.

What's a socialite these days?

[Seen here, sitting pretty, are Annelise Peterson, Byrdie Bell & Olivia Palermo.]

Ferebee Bishop is darling. She's a young, shiny-eyed socialite. If you explore famegame.com, you'll soon notice that she's connected to pretty much everything that is dubbed it. Her social scenes include fashion, nightlife, performing arts, media, music & lifestyle. She's linked to Vogue, Operation Smile, Bvglari, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Marni, GQ Magazine, Gap & Motorola. As for people connections, she's got Jessica Joffe, Eleanor Ylvisaker, Fabiola Beracasa, Patricia Field, Genevieve Jones, Tinsley Mortimer and a little gem named Byrdie Bell. If you then check out Byrdie Bell's page on the same website, you'll see she's a big part of the same social scenes, knows the same people and is, her too, linked to Vogue, aswell as the New York City Ballet, Valentino, Page Six, The Costume Institute, Hugo Boss, Wall Street Journal & Central Park Conservancy. Don't mind the extensive enumerations - My point is, these girls, as beautiful, thin & stylish as they may seem, are sadly all the same. Byrdie Bell is no exception. But that by no means excludes her from her fashionable socialite status.

She is a tad reminiscent of a young Victoria Traina, with a little bit of Ashley Olsen thrown into the mix. On the cover of Page Six Magazine, she is said to be "NYC's most exciting socialite". I don't know if I believe that, but I do know that she's cute & leggy. The perfect combination for an ultra-mini.

If I were as wealthy & metropolite as her, I'd definitely long to be in the same situation. She doesn't use Olay self-tanner - She hops on a jet to the Hamptons whenever she likes. Look at how happy she is! For heaven's sakes.

A socialite is described as "One prominent in fashionable society", a "socially prominent person" or a person whose actions "strongly influence the course of events". These girls may not live up to the entirety of their socialite statuses, it's true. But they do look fabulous in Armani.



Jill said...

My brother asked me what socialite do for a living, I told him, look pretty and wear gorgeous and expensive clothes, us mere humans can't afford. They don't seem to do much else, do they?

Kat said...
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Kat said...

Your header is seriously amazing!
I love that white tuxedo jacket that this girl is wearing.

coco said...

hmmm i really like her style, i haven't seen her before
it was a good topic for a post!

Ana said...

hmmm good post topic.
they are all very pretty but seem clone-ish.

alexgirl said...

that gold/bronze dress is fantastic.
aaah, what i wouldn't give to be a socialite! haha
Happy New Year!

Heather said...

I love her black dress/white blazer look!

Isabel said...

Ewww, socialites. They are very pretty and whatnot, but I wish all famous people had some sort of venerable talent.

Ferebee is a pretty cool name, though.

Bianca said...

I agree with Isabel. She has a cool name.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...