January 1, 2008

angels wanna wear my red shoes.

another year over, a new one just begun.

my most prevalent memories of new year's eve are of watching air farce & this hour has twenty-two minutes, and mistaking champagne for ginger ale at the age of 6. new years eve for me usually entailed sitting on the couch watching annual countdowns of the best & worst with my family. nothing overly special or glamorous.
this year, things were different.
by no means did i attend any swank parties or posh soirées.
more accurately, it was spent dressing up in costumes and parading throughout the neighbourhood. with, of course, a healthy dose of guitar hero thrown into the mix.

one tradition i did follow though, was making new year resolutions.

- put more effort into my everyday outfit.
- exercise or relax for at least 20 minutes each day.
- save up 730 dollars by next year by putting away two dollars everyday.

let's see if i'll keep them.

& once more, happy new year !


ps i'll post detailed pictures of the christian lacroix evian bottle soon.


the iron chic said...

I went to a party where they were playing Guitar Hero too. Except it was a full band. Band Hero?
When it finally got shut off, it was like people didn't know what to do.
Anyhoo, Happy New Year to you!

Bianca said...

Happy New Year. I used to make resolutions too. But by Feb i always broke them, forgot them or couldnt be bothered

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Saving $2 everyday is a really good idea! It's also a great way to buy yourself a little something at the end of the year without feeling TOO guilty.

Jill said...

Guitar Hero is an amazing creation. Your resolutions are great, hope they hold up. I could use $730, but I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to stick it through.

molly said...

oooooh love your resolutions
hahaha ohh guitar hero, soo addicting

molly said...

p.s. im linking you!

Isabel said...

I always used to watch Air Farce, but then I grew up and stopped finding it funny. The Chicken Cannon is still classic, though.