December 30, 2007

pills, enough to make me feel ill.

taking refuge from the gelid weather outside, families snuggled close by the fireplace, indulged in christmas cookies, & gazed hungrily at the shiny gifts beneath the tree like magpies. everyone was anxiously awaiting the next morning: christmas !

this is what the tree had in store for me :

- powder pink vneck from american apparel
- black faux croc bag from aldo
- evian bottle designed by christian lacroix (from zoë !)
- matrix amplify shampoo, conditioner, and root lifter
- fairisle tna sweater
- dark rinse h&m jeans
- brown h&m jeans
- black shiny leggings from h&m
- athletic triblend vneck from american apparel
- style a to zoë by rachel zoë- the gum thief by douglas coupland
- htc ttyn texter phone
- nars the multiple in orgasm
- opi nail polish in big apple red
- bare i.d. bare escentuals cover up in bisque
- aritzia gift card for one hundred dollars
- itunes gift card for twenty dollars;

not pictured: american apparel triblend raglan, grey h&m cords, lindor chocolates, underwear, magazines, pictures, wireless internet for my computer, american apparel leggings & baseball shirt (pajamas) & more.

what did everyone else get ?


happy holidays !


Jill said...

You got a great haul. My top gifts were probably a vest from H&M, 2 new bags (1 cloth, 1 leather) and a grey trench(!). Haha. Great Blog.

evie said...

great gifts! i especially like the itunes gift card among the pile.

Daphné said...

Great gifts!I would love to have this Rachel Zoe book.Is it good?

Heather said...

I'm about to get that same sweatshirt from AA in the mail! I'd like to see a closeup of the Evian bottle!

bigglassesgirl said...

did you see that cbc is turning jpod into a show?

a. said...

amazing gifts, my deer. im quite jealous.

that evian bottle is beyond.

seriously what would we do without our most fashionable of mates?! ;]

Isabel said...

Looks like you had a pretty fash Christmas!

w0witsalana said...

the gum thief is amazing! and i also got style from a to zoe for christmas, both good books.