November 7, 2007

the kid's alright.

paris, milan, new york city; the cities that are most talked about in the fashion industry. always have been. within the past years, places like stockholm and copenhagen have earned their palce on the style map. and rightfully so.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
these swedish berries really know their stuff. i don't understand how they can look so effortlessly chic; carrying themselves with such nonchalant cool that you just have to marvel at their excellence.



a. said...

these are the girls who inspire me the most. real girls with real budgets & real personal style.

every one looks just as fab as the other.

oh & that girl in the purple tights/white dress/scarf/beret/motorcycle jacket combo...i wore almost the exact same outfit to dinner tonight only i had smurf blue tights & my faux fur stole.

mmmm. i love it.

kj said...

Mmmm tights with everything...LOVE it. The layering and mixes of neutrals with bright colour here and there....this is what I aspire to, these pictures are my winter inspiration.

Emma said...

Jeez, these outfits are great.

Isabel said...

Okay, Scandinavian style is AMAZING. I want to move to Helsinki.

Heather said...

I love Scadanavian style so much! I visit Hel-Looks daily, and Agathe on Style Bytes is awesome as is the Suburban QUeen. I wish Hel-Looks would update once in a while.

jadorevogue said...

One of my favourite street style blogs are from Stockholm and Copenhagen.
The high waisted skirts, tights, scarves, dresses, and the way they put them together - the result is just so effortlessly stylish.

Anonymous said...

if i were to move to sweden would i immediately become this stylish?? let's go with yes. who's coming? everyone? thought so.