November 21, 2007

baby, i was born on a train.

today was the season's first snowfall. i awoke around seven to see a luminous bright light leap out at me from the windowsill. i leapt out of bed, as did the rest of the household, and slipped my feet into my favourite aspen-style slippers. i was disheveled & my bedtime uniform - a pair of heather gray sweatpants & a transparent scoop-neck tank - wasn't the most appropriate attire for an impromptu race downstairs and out the front door. for a few seconds, i simply stood there, and happily let it all soak in. frankly, i thought it would never come. the privilege of donning a warm winter coat or a thick knit scarf had yet to be a reality. as i stood on my front porch, looking like tara reid on a bad day, i had newly regained faith that winter would soon arrive after all.

but maybe i'm making this out to be a much bigger deal than it actually was. i assure you, this was not a broadway musical, with my surrounding neighbours breaking out into a song & dance number. if anything, my good old neighborly pals were glaring at me for being so pleased.

throughout this entire endeavor, my poor limbs had begun to freeze. still smiling, i made my way back inside. it would have been a great day to pull an ashley olsen circa '06, by slipping on some uggs and heading out to the nearest starbucks for a sweet gingerbread latte. just think, they even have their holiday cups out! but, unfortunately, i don't own any uggs, nor do i live anywhere near a starbucks. a thirty minute trek could bring me to a corner store which, with any luck, just may sell package-made coffee. but come on, i wasn't that desperate.

just thinking about the upcoming season makes me giddy. candy canes, reindeer, eggnog, argyle, thick socks, snow angels, sledding, gingerbread houses, holiday clearance sales, skiing, christmas cookies, earmuffs, carolers, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, red&green, happy new year, santa claus, layering, knits, toggle coats, school's out for two weeks, the classic "all i want for christmas" courtesy of none other than mariah carey, nice turtlenecks, turkey, ribbed tights, christmas parties & holiday joy.

but i must admit, there's this thing about the holidays - all the gifts, all the money being thrown out the window (okay, one could argue that dior ultra gloss in raffia orange really is a necessity, but let's be honest here) - that makes me just a little more greedy than i am in, say, march. suddenly, i'm longing for a bmw suv to replace my family's suburb-mobile (aka, the van), every shade of pink opi has to offer, hermes playing cards worth hundreds, a tiffany charm bracelet & the entirety of holt renfrew's fragrance department. i know, i know, i'm terrible - and most of all, terribly unrealistic. but i just can't help it. elle features their list of (extremely pricey) favourite gifts. oprah gives away a fridge worth five grand on her acclaimed 'favourite things' episode. there's just no way to escape luxury gifting. as frustrating as it is, i suppose it also represents a slight glimmer of hope that maybe, one day, i'll be able to treat myself to a pair of four hundred dollar sheepskin slippers.

what i want the most for christmas:
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- Kodak Easyshare digital camera in black.
- Subscription to Teen Vogue magazine.
- Nike/iPod running system.
- Marc Jacobs Spring Splash/Rain perfume.
- Dior Addict ultra gloss in raffia orange.
- Go Smile five senses toothpaste kit.
- American Apparel unisex flex-fleece vneck sweatshirt in forest.
- Chapters gift certficate.
- American Eagle (aerie) boxers.
- Aritzia gift certificates.
- Roots Original elasticized sweatpants in charcoal. (S)
- Subscription to Seventeen magazine.
- Shopper’s Drug Mart gift certificate.
- Frederic Fekkai Coif perfecteur anti-frizz silkening crème.

i also want polaroid film for my camera.

happy holidays,

ps: tara reid on a bad day:
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Isabel said...

Nooo, don't get an SUV. BAD!

Sage said...

im in love with your xmas list!!

Kira Fashion said...

that girl is really beautiful sometimes...

a kiss

Kira Fashion said...

nice choices for x-mas!


WendyB said...

Poor Tara!