October 11, 2007

you can't even imagine.

serena necessities:

luxurious leather, buckles, camel & faded white, long locks, super-high boots, rugged-but-chic, dark rinses, cute party dresses, revamped classics, nude makeup [or none, for that matter], nude hues, vintage scarbes, navy stripes, flat shoes, glowing skin, demure demoiselle, smirk, vests, loose ties, thick belts, jewel tones and cali cool.


ps: that little speech bubble: 'i have a crush on every boy'.
just in case the extreme decrease in size makes it impossible to read.


a. said...

for some reason i really, really dont like the actress they choose for serena. nothing against blake - i like her i just dont think shes serena material.
she is NOTHING like i imagined her to be all those years i read the books. which makes me sad bc she was always my favourite.


Isabel said...

Gossip Girls sure dress nicely.

kj said...

I agree a...I actually really like Blake but somehow she's not quite charismatic or interesting enough as Serena...and she is pretty but isn't S supposed to be, like, ethereally beautiful? Maybe she just needs better makeup?

Looove the clothes though...I need ALL of those dresses, and the camel bag...mmmmmm.