October 10, 2007

straight to the wishing well.

two things i'm totally digging right now: midriffs and cartoons.

[exhibit a, the midriff.] erase all preconceived notions about belly-baring, because it's not dirrty like christina aguilera. the new midriff doesn't require a frequent brazilian wax; it's higher up on the torso. think waist, not hips, and you'll be off the path of old-school britney. and we all know how she turned out...

[exhibit b, cartoons.] who doesn't love cartoons? really? i challenge you to find one person who despises cartoons with all their heart. i bet you won't. it's simple why: because cartoons are happy, entertaining, and they fill you with childish glee. this is a formula for fun, my friends. mickey, minnie, donald, charlie brown, snoopy, pepermint pattie and all the others. they add whimsy to any outfit. and if that doesn't make you want to envelope yourself in some cartoon print immediately, then maybe you didn't have a childhood. sorry.


ps - i love martin margiela; but is he so fond of the female genitalia that he has decided to transform this model's once beautiful head into a behemothic vagina?


a. said...

either way it is still a gorgeous picture. ;]


cc said...

totally agreed. i am also feeling the belly-baring thing though like you said, more on the waist, maybe even the ribcage area!

dreamecho said...

i love martin margiela too, but that pic is weeeeiiiirrrd.