October 3, 2007

remodel; everything has been done.

balenciaga's quirkier collections, like those of prada, are usually ones that aren't instantaneously wonderful, celebrated, and favoured. i grew to adore and covet those sky-high buckled boots from AW06, the jodhpurs from AW07, and the exagerratedly chunky strappy sandals from SS07. but this collection, as bizarre and zany as it may seem, struck my acceptance nerve. i liked it, i honestly did. the ingenious juxtaposition of the flowers on the constricting silhouettes amused me.

what about you?

[i don't have a secret identity, those are just my initials.]


Allure said...

I didn't like it. But, I know most people did.

jadorevogue said...

Let me first say that I love your blog. I've been checking out some of the previous posts and I've enjoyed reading every single one of them.
I agree with you on the Balenciaga SS08 show - it was great. I don't know how wearable it is for everyday life, but I like it either way.

I was wondering if we'd exchange links? :) I'm gonna link you right away so I won't forget.

coco said...

i quite like this collection
but i would never wear it
and you were right it was selma balir

Isabel said...

I like the shoes, but not the dresses.