October 1, 2007

it's okay pluto, i'm not a planet either.

following through with jessica's fall post,
here are my inspirations for this coming season:
freja beha erichsen.
helmut lang.
ashley olsen.
, , sandra freij photography.
clémence poesy [&jalouse magazine].
the plasticines' hair.
silky smooth.
baby pink nailpolish.

polaroid pictures,
golden skin,
vintage luggage,
marc jacobs perfume [ps: ]
jane birkin,
'70s working girl,
camera flashes,
& the colisseum.



sha said...

Your blog is sexy :)

Link up if you want to!


Fabi said...

you are too cool, I love all your picks. the picture of freja is soo pretty, and I'm all for jane birkin and zippers, too!

(p.s. felix listened, he didn't attack me ;) )

a. said...

you are so me.

i think we might share the same mind.

lemon emlyn said...

baby pink nail polish.

ooooooh, love love love

Dilemma said...

Excellent list! I especially endorse cashmere and berets.

Anonymous said...

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