July 4, 2007

Under more scrutiny.

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You have got to admit, Ashley Olsen has got some style. Her and her sister singlehandedly revived the 'boho' look, are the designers of their new line The Row, design a collection of low-priced makeup and tween clothing for Wal-Mart, and have a new clothing line called Elizabeth & James due out later this year. It's seems as though Ashley is finally breaking free from the identical style cocoon that envelopes the twins.

You go Ashley.



Tru said...

she does have style wonderful style

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Thanks girls!

You know, I always love the footwear choices of Mary Kate & Ashley.

alexgirl said...

I agree. Ashley does have great style. I'm excited to see the Elizabeth & James line. I bet it's going to be pretty awesome.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and buying BACK TALK!! Hope you like it.
Your blog rocks, too. Want to trade links? I just added you to mine!

Isabel said...

Oh, no. I don't live in Ottawa. But I do have a lot of relatives there so I visit often. I livew about 3 hrs away in...*shudder" Belleville.