July 12, 2007

"I was quite an aggressive teenager"

While passing through my local saint-vincent de paul, I came across these:

I contemplated buying them for $4, then a wave of reality washed over me - Where would I wear these?!
So I didn't buy them, because a) i am not a nurave clubhopping kid, and b) i am a cheap, cheap person.


Victoria said...

I could not agree more...ban the fluro, ban the lycra and ban the fucking glowsticks

Isabel said...

Oh man, I know how you feel. I have entire list of outfits that cannot be worn outside in a small town.

P.S. - Go to www.finalfashion.ca, you totally have to go to the Ottawa Fashion Bloggers Brunch. (Alas, I will not be there. :( But it would be cool if you went anyways.)

AVA said...

I don't like fluro coloured leggings.. that might be the case because I don't like leggings and I don't like fluro. So, personally, I think you made a good choice not buying them, seen that I'm a cheap person too ;)