June 21, 2007

She never even told me her name.

Everybody aspires to be a girl about town. And of course, you can't just become one overnight - the role requires certain indispensable items that are, to put it simply, key to ones success. For all those trips to downtown markets & berry vendors, you'll certainly need a simple, quirky yet very fashionably mode of transportation. Enter, bicycle. And not just any bicycle, put a device built to support you & your shopping bags aswell. Not a simple feat. Then there's the beauty factor, you see, because nobody likes a thick mud crust caked on the handlebars, or worse yet, scratched up paint patterns that decorated its entirety. I would have to say my favourites are more vintage-esque, not complete banana-bikes, but a happy medium between 1980 & 1990. Two eras that will certainly never be forgotten.

Vintage eBay find, Los Angeles, California.

Another necessity for the ever-glorifying 'busy-girl' look; fluorescents. Wherever, whenever, neon hues are rarely inapropriate. Just think, would Flava Flav wear it? If the answer is yes, you can be certain it's a fashion do. Minus the oversized windbreakers & clock pendant. What am I saying? I love those.

Highlighter tee, American Apparel.

Where the '90s & Flava Flav left off, the more recent trend of straw hats picks up. Sure, often seen sporting them are old men playing golf, paired with bland khakis or an irritatingly vibrant golf polo, advertising anything from Pizza Pizza to your local french fry truck. But really, can't you imagine Agyness Deyn having one slightly tilted atop her pixy cut, with suspenders and raw denim cutoffs. I know I certainly can. It's not the fact that the straw is actually 'rustic-meets-fishing-cabin-y', just more the way fedoras look so much better when they're made of all-natural materials. Hence, the straw. And let's face it, Summer just wouldn't be Summer without a chic way to cover up frizzy hair.

Multi Stripe Fedora, Urban Outfitters.

And last but not least, if you want to survive amongst the fourteen year old scene kids and the twenty year old University of Toronto students, you must pick up some key t-shirt dresses. I can't say I could relate them to any particular decade, but the simplicity of them in general pretty much indicates the following: I'm cute, & I know I'm cute, so I don't have to try hard to be cute. Plain & simple. And don't be worried by the fact that it may look like a pyjama garment. Wear it oversized, with a skinny belt and floppy boots, or even better, some wild kicks. Leggings are allowed but not recommended. Show off them tanned legs, you city girl, you.

Jersey Tee Dress, Old Navy.
Well then, I think I've pretty much rounded it out to the most practical of items to look like a million bucks. Just wear your hair loose, headband in hand [Not for 'just-in-case' scenarios, but because they're actually a good way to pull an outfit together] and a tiny purse that falls around the hip. Your street cred is sure to go way up.
Peace out,


Anonymous said...

"But i still loved her, the girl from Mars...." WHAT AN SWESOME SONG WOOOO :DD And hipster bikes, for the win!

Anonymous said...

I love the bike that you posted, and I've been trying to find a bike like that for awhile now..do you know what brand it is?

SICK. said...

Sorry anonymous - I have no clue.
But they sell a fair amount of them on eBay. If you're lucky you may find one there.

Hope that helps :]

Fabi said...

what a cute post!
I want a bike like that!! though I suck at riding'em. I tend to fall off of things or bump into them.

Maddy said...

When trying to look cool and quirky and slightly askew, I just ask myself, "What would Andre 3000 do?" And let me tell you, he would certainly wear that straw fedora. And he would totally put on the neon tee shirt. And he would rock it.

Candid Cool said...

that jersey tee shirt dress looks promising