May 5, 2007

Every day and night.

A bathing suit is a summer essential, and I need one. My current swimsuit? A purple bikini that cost me $16 from the GT Boutique. The strings are ripping and the butt is sagging like a wet diaper. Sorry for the visual. These are my options:

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It looks like a two-piece, but it's really a one-piece. It's the bathing suit mullet: Business in the front, party in the back. Perfect. $47.

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My only concerns are that I would get a weird tan line, and that the tube top aspect of it would make it a little less practical.



Emma said...

c'est pas une bother, i'll switch the link now. hah, a bathing suit mullet!
at least you TAN enough to get tan lines. i just go red unless i have my trusty nineteen bottles of SPF with me.

dusk&summer said...

american apparel, no?
they have some awesome swimsuits.

and I loved that style...never thought of the tan im not so sure lol it would be odd

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love that american apparal bathing suit - the top picture.
it is praticical aswell because when you dive into the pool it doesn't fall off.

Fabi said...

nice bathing suits, I dont know if I could ever pull them off, though.

changed the link to SICK. =) and I'd prefer Diary of a Third World Fashionista, thanks for asking

Lama Drama said...

those are fun bathing suits. tan lines indeed, but it would be interesting to see how it came out haha. love your blog btw!

ed said...

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Opal said...