May 11, 2007

C'est la vie.

My room, like many other bedrooms, is not the cleanest of spaces. Let me describe it: Under the smorgasbord of Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Escada ads that I had foolishly plastered on my walls two years ago, and beautiful photography, there is a castle-themed wallpaper. Above the wallpaper is a blue sky, and below it, a kelly green moat, complete with cattails and frog princes. That should give you an idea of how long I've had my room for. There's a bulletin board, with pictures, phone numbers, and 'important' papers pinned to it. To the left of the bulletin board, there is a shelf which holds paper, yearbooks, my diabolical alarm clock, and a bunch of things that don't belong anywhere else. The last thing, is the bedside table, which isn't beside my bed. It's a vanity of sorts, with all my perfumes and jewelry and whatnot.
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That's just one side of the room. Then there's the side with the TV, Sound System, table, and more pictures taped to the wall. Here are my old record bowls, ElleGirl Magazines (RIP), one issue of Wear (A zine out of Montreal) and flavoured water on a DIY painted coffee table. And of course the soccer-inspired blue & grey dresser.
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I need some serious overhauling. Which is why I'm so anxious to move into a new room this summer.



kf said...

i love it. especially the soccer ball knobs on your dresser.

ambika said...

I like the dresser, too, especially the blue.

The coverage with those magazine clippings is impressive. I couldn't even managed to cover my college door back in the day.

muze1990 said...

Like your room. My room is that messy too, I like messy rooms, they are so cozy!

Emma said...

i'm redoing my room this summer, v. excited as mine is scarily messy, but i love it. i agre with muze1990, mess is cozy.