April 30, 2007

Ready when you are.

Why is everything at Urban Outfitters Europe, so much more amazing? It's less intricate lace dresses, with flowered prints and maryjanes, and more vibrant popart tees and synthetics. Very '80s drama queen meets demure mademoiselle. Not too over-the-top, just enough to get noticed. No, I take that back. Very over-the-top, just enough to get noticed.

Anyways, I love these shoes. Especially since they're twenty four carats.

Check it all out at Urban Outfitters Europe, and while you're at it, go to www.topshop.com for even more from across the pond.

Peace out,

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La Montréalaise said...

those shoes are my 'raison de vivre' duude i have them in the crème colour, but i absolutely need those in gold. right now.
and yes, of course, let's exchange les links!

great blog