April 24, 2007

Sending shockwaves.

Spring trends are anything but simple - it's easy to overdose on the overrated or, worse yet, blend in all too well. In a season where ever-changing decades are being portrayed, and Mother Nature's bipolar tendencies make layering a must, we can't help but hope that some designer will throw in the towel and cut us all some slack, offering simple options to replace all the hooplah we call 'la mode'.

Of course, some people know how to deal with it. Many do, really. And some of those lucky people even have the discretion to keep from boasting about their fashionable logic - where adding KidRobot hoodies and substracting Alexander McQueen skull scarves are the most common equations these days. Other people, the less fortunate, tend to follow trends like there's no tomorow. That's how the Rachel Zoë type was created, an irritating following of Marc by Marc-zillas, each with more black nailpolish than the next. Steer clear of that bunch.

The answer to all this, is to find your own individual style. Go subtle, or if you prefer, wild. In the words of my mother 'You can't have your cake and eat it too.' but you can choose one or the other. Translation: you don't have to wear Nikes and neon to look cool. Either on it's own will suffice.

Peace out,


kf said...

nicole riche makes me absolutely giddy.

and she's hot.

and a shit show.

Anonymous said...

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