December 29, 2008

save the last dance for me

hello loves,

im now at !
and jessica's at !
we will, of course, miss sick very much, but thought of it as an amusing alternative to each have our own blogs and so on.

so i guess this is goodbye to sick, though it lasted quite a while.
i hope to stay in touch with all you lovely readers though !!



Lisa said...


will be following both of you beautiful ladies!!!!



claire said...

I will totally link both new blogs instead then! Much love y-s x

MrGuyManJR said...


Anonymous said...

I'm going to link both new blogs right away but oh I'm sad!


Sharlo said...

ill link both
im looking forward to this.
happy new year

Juliet said...

Happy new year 2009!

Matt Rowley said...

wow You've got a really cool blog!

Anonymous said...








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Andrea said...

Great blog!
Beautiful pictures.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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