December 22, 2008

my heart is dreaming but paris is screaming

christmas holidaaaays are here.
and before i know it they'll be done with !
so before i forget, new years, if i have anything to say about it, should look a lot like this.

what to wear.

what to dance to.
boyfriend by alphabeat.
paris is burning by ladyhawke.
short skirt long jacket by cake.
going on by gnarls barkley.
pumpkin soup by kate nash.
believe by cher.
glamorous by fergie.
jimmy by m.i.a.
shake it off by mariah carey.
valerie by amy winehouse ft. mark ronson.
breaking it up by lykke li.
tears dry on their own by amy winehouse.
boyfriend by ashlee simpson.
toxic by britney spears.
get buck in here by dj felli fel.
g-code by the ghetto boys.
standing in the way of control by the gossip.
what goes around comes around by jt.
indigo lights by the kooks.
seperated by motorwars by the long blondes.
thunder in my heart again by meck.
everyone nose by n.e.r.d.
kiss by prince.
paparazzi by lady gaga.
love games by lady gaga.

i wish everybody a very merry christmas & a happy new year !


sarah said...

fun pics!

Lisa said...

happy holidays beauties.

i hope it is not too cold!!!!!!!!

love your PICKS. for the coming days...

love loves.


Rabenschwarz said...

crazy party pictures...
me likely.

lovelydisco said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both you girls!


amanda said...

lovely photos.




Isabel said...

Merry Christmas and Happy new years. I guess now is the perfect time to tell you that I love your blog - I always have and just becausse I don't comment all the time doesn't mean I'm not reading. :)

Eric Loves Cats said...

I have returned after a looong absence! o<|:D

Read what happened on my blog.

Happy Holidays!

claire said...

i love the playlist, and that (topshop?) skirt


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