December 16, 2008

be my little rock & roll queen

a little bit of new year's eve inspiration ? sure.

ps - i still have more pictures up my sleeve. this is but the beginning. i don't know why i'm so amped for new year's eve, but i just am. expect an appropriate playlist soon also.


Anonymous said...

ohhh new year's eve. can't wait :)

Lisa said...

love the first one.

i think i am crazy but i can never get into new years!
i think it is the grandma in me.
i do celebrate but in a very nerdish way.



Anonymous said...

Oh my god I hate Peaches Geldof.

ps - I don't know why but New Years Eve celebrations let me down every damn year

a. said...

i love isabelle.


Juliet said...

I'd be up for the party too if I knew where I'll be..

juliet xxx

Isabel said...

I love that last picture. I remember seeing that girl in Misshapes pictures all the time last year!

Anonymous said...

i like peaches' red dress! i'm getting excited for new years. i am making my own dress so thanks for the inspiration!