November 24, 2008

on highway number nineteen

ashley olsen is kind of like a modern-day audrey hepburn.
again and again, she executes timeless classics with such an effortless aura about her, infused with her own personal look - sometimes grunge-chic, other times jolie-laide, then goth or neo-hippie. she makes scraggly locks just another reason to envy her, and with her sister shares one of the most wonderful sunglasses collections around.
as audrey once said ''there are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion'', a shade which she and ashley alike have been able to avoid altogether.

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Margot said...

i luv her style lately. she's not trying hard and i appreciate that!! luv luv luv those jeans and shades (:

yui said...

it's funny, two years ago i would never have imagined ashley would become so stylish but she has really come into her own. goes to show that style IS something you can acquire if you give it enough thought and effort (...and cash!!!)