October 26, 2008

turn off the television

vanessa coyle
"broadway market in hackney is great on a saturday morning, with fab food stalls, bric à brac shops, cafés and pubs - and it's cool for people-watching. climpson and sons is my favourite café, friendly, busy, good for breakfast, and serving the best coffee in london, in my opinion."

it comes as no surprise that miss coyle enjoys classic, no-fuss meals at cosy cafes filled with bustling action. her innocent grin plays up her happy-go-lucky attitude, a simple way of life that includes people-watching at the market or starting up casual conversations at a local pub.
it's when it comes to her clothes that things get harder to understand. her brilliant use of unique shapes (wide shoulders, knee-length skirts, oversized tees and vests) paired with casual classics (distressed denim, fitted blazers, leather totes and my favourite ysl sweater) scream parisian, and yet, she's an aussie chick with just as much fashion cred.

her discheveled hair, lanky limbs and sky-high booties are as inspirational as it gets.



hrose said...

the boots the boots the BOOTS!
i love hers.. i really need a pair of ankle boots like that.
ah so jealous of you and money to spend!
i'm saving up for my trip overseas next year, so i'm on a strictly no spend budget at the moment.
i bought sandals the other day as a necessity, but aside from that.. no clothes, which is sad, but sacrifices must be made, and besides. what beautiful clothes am i going to buy in paris!!!

vanessa has some lovely items of clothing, and she pairs them in interesting ways. i love her leather jacket (v. alice dellal) and the blue tuxedo jacket.

*sigh* still looking for the perfect tuxedo jacket that doesn't break the bank. all i've seen are perfect tuxedo jackets that are breaking my heart with how expensive they are. the search continues!


hrose said...

i just re-read your comment, and you said 'as soon as i have some money to spend' not 'as i have some money to spend'.

in which case, we're all in the same (money-less) boat. wouldn't it be lovely to win the lottery!
i love dreaming about what i would spend it on, and who i would give some to.


Lisa said...

i too have all of these pictures filed away (!!!)

crazy. her style captivates me and really speaks to me.

love it.
i have this picture of her in a white, super shouldered blazer that i love.

thanks for this showcasing!!!

hope you had a beautiful weekend.


alex hannah said...

i love her! all her clothes are lovely looking! I was reading (i think) grazia today and one of the articles was about vanessa convincing her to wear boyfriend jeans.x

alex hannah said...

*her as in the author of the article!

claire said...

wow thanks for compiling all these pictures...parfait

also, i would deffo reccomend hsm! go in with an open mind...and you'll love it! i am still in awe, ha!

y-s x

NonchalantMod said...

never heard of her before but she seriously has some style! SERIOUSLY..
The coat/jacket/blazer-y thing she is wearing in her first picture is gorgeous and i've been looking for a cheaper version of it for ages, but even the topshop one is something like 300$..oh, well..by the way, would you like to swap links?i've been reading your blog for ages and i absolutely adore it!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

The last ysl look is my favorite.

Pippi said...

Ooh, I like.

Megs said...

oh, she is so lovely, nice post!

a. said...

oh goodness. i think im in love with her.

just a bit.