October 10, 2008

people call us renegades

this afternoon, i decided to (attempt at) taking a few pictures, in the spirit of autumn and its ever-changing leaves and picturesque lanscapes. turns out, my semi-ripped nylons seemed to be the focus of quite a few shots instead.
that says a lot about my photography (or just basic aim) skills.

i was wearing sheer tights from zellers, a super oversized (i think it's a size 37 in men's ... is that big ?) christian dior dress shirt that i scored for something like two dollars, a skinny stud belt from h&m and a cotton bandage skirt for the sake of wearing bottoms (also from h&m).
funny that i prioritize bottoms before shoes, especially when chilly weather leaves the ground cold and humid. well, i learnt my lesson: always keep a good pair of keds on hand !
anywho, that was my day. well, that plus grad pictures in the morning, a trip to a local mall in the afternoon (i spent most of the time in a bookstore ... leaving empty-handed, sadly), and the much-appreciated viewing of baby mama. poehler & fey rocked it !


Eric Loves Cats said...

oooh I watched Baby Mama last weekend... it was hilarious! I love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, and Poehler was hilarious as Fairchild VonWaldenburg in Blades of Glory!


lovelydisco said...

oh my god I love Baby Mama! So so so funny! Tina Fey is my hero.

ps - love the men's dress shirt.

JuliaFuentez said...

great pics<3

Eric Loves Cats said...

I made it to Californiaaa! Wooooo! And I'm in Hermosa Beach, because I decided to choose one that nobody suggested. (:

(PS, you are quite the fashonista.)