October 31, 2008

lava lit the backyard

it did snow, as jessica previously stated.
which made it a dark & eery morning, until my little brother woke up and convinced me to go play in the snow.

this early snowfall is just all the more proof i desperately need winter apparel - namely boots and a warm coat - asap.


hrose said...

oh my!
it's so beautiful!
i'm jealous... it's so hot here, unbelievable.
you know, these photos have resolved me. i am seeing snow. i don't know exactly how, but that will be my new year's resolution. this year i will see snow.
and play in it, and it will be lovely.
hope you have a wonderful halloween!

Nature Grafitti said...

i want it to snow here too! i am vair jealous ;)

p.s. - happy halloween!! i made you a gift:

Mila said...

Just gorgeous!!!

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