September 13, 2008

smoking cigarettes and watching captain kangaroo

from left to right;
top row: donna karan, 3.1 phillip lim, betsey johnson, charlotte ronson (worn by daisy lowe !!), erin fetherston, marc by marc jacobs.
bottom row: proenza schouler, rag & bone, rodarte, vena cava.

after finally getting around to sifting through the new york fashion week runways, i chose my favourites. they were the primarily grungy outfits, which were less synonymous with traditional spring attire.

just a few reviews...
rodarte seemed almost identical to the previous season; that is to say, rife with aggressive shoes, spiderweb knit dresses, and intricately woven floaty fabrics.
the diaphanous cloud-like confections at erin fetherston were expected, though somehow they had a structured look to them as well.
proenza schouler: alice dellal hair and quirky extras perfected the collection of high waists, pvc, and plastic.
3.1 phillip lim is a gorgeous jumble of unexpected pieces that fit so flawlessly together. almost like he thrifted all these pieces and threw it together with his massively ingenious and unique touch.
a few dresses into the show, i realized why donna karan's ss09 collection was so familiar: versace ss08 ! karan's "liquid skins" fabrics, while typically donna, were also very donatella; not to mention the sleek and glamorous blown out hair matched with bronzed lids.

wondering where the wang is ? oh i wouldn't dismiss him, he's got his own proper post coming up.


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JuliaFuentez said...

my favorite was bcbg and marc jacobs