September 24, 2008

darling would you stop giving me attitude

after filtering through the cobra snake for hours, i had seen innumerable cobraclones (as i like to call them). this would entail scandalously high hemlines, chest-baring bustiers, mussed-up hair & crimson lips, and gladiator sandals & heels, to name just a few.
i had become inescapably immune to the subjects' attire, with nothing grabbing my eye. that is, until this photo loaded onto the screen.
something about her halted my steady rate of 'click click click'-ing the next button. perhaps it was her utter disinterest in being photographed by mark; a rarity in the fame hungry kingdom of chain smoking camera whores. it was also her outfit (duh) that drew me to her. yes, it's monochromatic. yes, it's black. yes, it sounds so overdone and typical. strike that, you're wrong. there's something unidentifiably cool about it, whether it's the layering, the varying shades of dark, or the murderous boots. either way, the cherry on this sundae is inarguably the casual laissez-faire air about her.
and we all love a laissez-faire attitude, don't we ? i simply can't be the only one, not when it looks this good.


Jenny H. said...

she looks fantastic.
thats cool that she seems so unimpressed by having her picture taken by the cobrasnake!

thanks for the cute comment. you have a great blog as well!

wanna trade links?

ooohmaureen said...

i really like your blog :) x

. said...

Those boots are FIERCE

Nature Grafitti said...

this outfit is.... amazing

p.s. link swap?

aurelie von muller said...

i love your blog.

Hannah Cheeto said...

She looks so amazing!

Thanks for the comment. =D