August 27, 2008

the city that never sleeps never stops dreaming.

i cannot wait to soak up the magic of ...
new york, i love you.

kevin bacon; natalie portman; christina ricci; shia labeouf; ethan hawke; olivia thirlby; drea da matteo; justin bartha; julie christie; andy garcia; rachel bilson; anton yelchin; maggie q; james caan; blake lively; orlando bloom; qi shu; hayden christensen; eva amurri; john hurt; eli wallach; chris cooper; bradley cooper; & cloris leachman (amongst others).



alluretone said...

oo looks nice.

roxanne said...

oh man, i just got so excited.. the first thing i thought when i heard about paris, je t'aime was how awesome the idea would work set in new york.. looking forward to it!

alex hannah said...

looks soo good! i wonder how long it
will take to come to sydney.

a. said...

i think they could have had a much better cast.

i only (simi) like nataile & christina out of that whole bunch.



Anonymous said...

that cast has me so excited!

discothequechic said...


why did you have to post this.

now i'm all excited and it's all i'll be able to think of!


paris je t'aime is one of my favourites.

and for once abby darling, i disagree, i love ethan hawke (um, before sunset), chris cooper, olivia thirby...

i'm linking you by the way.
for some reason i never did.