July 9, 2008

you're filthy but fine.

oh my goodness.
it would seem as though marc jacobs were reading my mind and granting my wishes (although in that case shouldn't i be strutting down his runways?); for he has created marc jacobs daisy in black. my only qualm with the scent was that it wore off much too easily, forcing me to reapply regularly. but with the daisy in black, this tedious and somewhat wasteful activity will hopefully prove unnecessary.think of it not as an entirely new fragrance, but merely as an upgrade, and amelioration.
a super-daisy, if you will.
and most definitely the freshest smelling flower of the bunch.


a. said...

i am so excited about this.

i always keep a little sample in my bag for touchups, but no more.

how fabulous!


LBIC said...

Haven't smelled it. I'm going to have to try it next time I go shopping.

Imelda said...

Never tried this smell before, but the bottle looks irresistable!