July 14, 2008

i can drive & you can sleep.

currently longing for: aa's black onesie.

the item itself is practical but not-so-practical at the same time: plus two for not having to tuck in your shirt, but minus five for having to take off all your clothes everytime you have to pee.

and with the easy onesie & summer skirt combination, i'm set.



LML said...

haha well i guess im used to wearing a leotard for dance a lot, so this wouldnt be that much different to me :)

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i wore it last weekend!
and believe me...everyone will ask you why you are wearing your swimsuit...hehe

Raych said...

I have this in white... I can't wear it as much as I like because I have a hefty breast size (at least for me) and I have to wear an AA bra too. I don't mind taking off my clothes to go to the bathroom; I just don't drink water.

If you get this, get it in back, because I think you can get away without wearing a bra.


roxanne said...

oh, man. it's the replacement to my well-worn double u-neck aa dress! going on my shopping list.. now.

KiKi said...

the whole bathroom thing would suck

Fleurr De Lux said...

I love those bodysuits I have about every colour! So practical, but good call on the annoying bathroom antics. Nothing like sitting naked on a toilet hoping no one comes busting through the door. Now THAT would be akward.

a. said...

^ haha i always wonder the same :/

get one though, & start with black. you wont regret it. promise.


rosheen said...

i like your blog it is tres chic.
i have a white, gray and a black. i agree with the bathroom issue. it is a price to pay. the bra issue was a bigger one for me. while i have a b bra cup size i can't deal with the no bra thing. I have taken to embracing it and wearing a hot pink bra and just dealing with it but it does wreck the line at the back. they are perfect for high waisted jeans, skirts & under jumpers.