June 6, 2008

stutter step to those slamming grooves.

not surprisingly, kate moss looks nearly as terrific immediately after escaping a nine hour flight as she did walking for ysl. it's all in the casual-comfort attire. basics abound when it's time to put together a travel-friendly outfit, but it's not rare to find more exquisite fashion-forward pieces collaborating with said basics to really make an outfit a hit.

that being said, beside kate moss in all her travel glory in the above picture is toronto's airport. last year, after hearing the news that my flight from toronto to rome had been delayed - get this - six hours, i must say i regretted my choice of heather grey sweatpants & adidas track jacket. when the unexpected occurs (like a very long delay), you can only hope you look the part of a discheveled fashionista on her way to the streets of an equally fashionable location. in the equivalent of a gym class outfit, i definitely wasn't cast as that role. and so, to make a long story short(er), i learned my lesson, and this time around, i plan on looking every bit 'kate moss on her way to heathrow' as i should've last july.

rachel bilson, albeit flying under the radar recently, used to hold a special little place in my heart when it came down to what to wear while travelling. i found her worn-in jackets & sweaters to match up perfectly with the necessity of being snug in my window seat. her layering tactic, as seen above, is also a brilliant way to travel - you'll never be too calorific or too frigid.

as for lindsay lohan, she definitely has the travel accessories down pat. she handles the most exquisite bags for her voyages, filled with all of the bare necessities - cell phone, mp3, lipgloss - and the items that will most likely occupy time - books, magazines - as seen above.

kirsten dunst is simply the epitome of sweet. her vintage-like outerwear, rugged luggage and wayfarers are all efficient and adorable.

lest we forget the victoria's secret angels - i don't plan on dressing up in matching tank tops & bomber jackets, i just thought this post wouldn't be complete without them. i guess it's the glamour that they exhude, even while fatigued & bored aboard a plane (the victoria's secret angels plane, no less). and plus, who wouldn't want their hair to look so perfect, even at thirty thousand feet.

and when one mentions the angels, gisele's name is not far behind. personally, i think she's mastered the look - be it hopping on a jet for a shoot on a deserted island in the summer, or summoning the aid of a taxicab while trying to escape new york's wispy winds in the fall.

and lastly, cameron diaz, seen here, is the practical one. she has the simple jeans, the light knit sweater, the beret to keep strays hidden & the studded burberry prorsum handbag (which i have forever been obsessed with) full of all her necessities.
i better start planning my outfit.


LML said...

love kirsten's travel style - its def a chaalenge to travel comforatbly and cute at the same time!

Kira Fashion said...

Kate moss has the best style ever, wherever she goes!

a kiss!!!