June 15, 2008

saw you in half like i'm a magician.

cutest girl ever : robyn.

download immediately :
handle me; be mine; who's that girl; with every heartbeat; konichiwa bitches.



LML said...

oh yes! i do like her music - i also remember her back from the 90's too lol!

Jello on Springs said...

Robyn is so cool, konichiwa bitches is such a fun awesome song, i know like every line.
"...im so very hot that when i rob your mansion you don't call the cops you call the firestation"
favorite line everrr

LBIC said...

Robyn! I've loved her since that song she had in the 90's. So long ago. God I feel so old.

Fleurr De Lux said...

Isn't she wonderful!!? I still love old Robyn as well I was singing it very loudly and off pitch in my car just today.

a. said...


her hair is just so cool, no?
i want it but am too afraid to make the final (ahem) cut