June 14, 2008

look out, baby.

i've been meaning to add these to the blog for a long while now, but never found a fitting moment for each individual shot. consequently, i instead decided to compile a handfull of photographs which have been accumulating on my hard drive.
enjoy !

[crayola chalk sprawled across my front porch; jessica before a night out; a fence at a nearby tennis court; flowers; myself; sarah; my finelli bicycle; a monument in montreal; jessica; & jasmine].
and now, i'm off to study.


sarah said...

i love these pictures.
especially the first one, it's cute.

JuliaFuentez said...

really nice pictures

discothequechic said...

some really cute shots.

love the pink bike!
and the photographs on the wall.


Kira Fashion said...

so great shots, really fun!!!

a kiss!

a. said...

jessica looks cute.

that montreal building is stunning.