June 10, 2008

cavalry come, cavalry go, cavalry leave me alone.

i long for it.
the creamy quilted leather, the pristine white hue, and the double-c clasp.
all drenched in an unattainable patina of cool, and only those who are lucky enough to be in close proximity of one is able to sense the aura of old world and modern tales intertwined in the chainlink straps and seeping out of every pore, like a miasma of royalty.
it glows; and the spirit of gabrielle chanel is captured within each stitch.
it's a piece of history.
a beautiful one, at that.


roxanne said...


beautiful bag, beautiful picture, beautiful words.


Héloïse J. said...

oh how i luv this bag!!! i wanna save for it. it's really worth it! <3

deexdeexdreamer said...


i i know!!

cue lust