May 28, 2008

you sang me spanish lullabyes.

sephora opens this friday may 30th at the rideau centre. jessica & i have made it our duty to be there as soon as possible - which means as soon as school's out - to be able to scope out the best beauty products in the country, no less. i doubt i'll buy anything right away, i think i should actually be in need of something first, but at the moment i have my eyes set on a handfull of 'sephora's best': i.d. bare minerals, nars lipgloss & diorshow mascara.

and while i'm at it ...
bustier dress - alexander wang from la garconne.
shoes - miss sixty from zappos.
bow ring - fredflare.
jacket - 3.1 philip lim from net-a-porter.
ps - the braces are official. they suck.


alexandra said...

I just started my own blog, and since i've had your blog bookmarked for awhile, thought I'd say hello. I haven't really gotten the hang out this yet, I'm a bit rusty. :-/

Romany said...

Oh yes definitely invest in some Diorshow. It's the best!
I wish Sephora would come to Australia.
Have fun at the opening! Spend lots of money! ;)

a. said...

how exciting! have fun!

Imelda said...

Ow I love Sephora!
I wish we had one in Belgium aswell!!!

Margherita. said...

Love shoes and ring!

Anonymous said...

Miss Sixty made those shoes? REALLY? I MUST HAVE THEM! Find me a link!