May 11, 2008

the opening scene.

boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.
james franco is perfect.


ps - more pictures of him soon when i find the time to compile some. i was gone to montreal all weekend, staying at a surprisingly swank abode (the alt hotel. google it) and so i've got bits of information to share about my sejour. including shopping at h&m !


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

That's funny because i'm going to montreal next weekend for some shopping at H & M Great minds think alike.

I don't know who james franco is, he's pretty cute though!

Imelda Matt said...

swoon...I couldn't agree more and this picture!!

I look forward to reading about your sejour.

Charlotte said...

I've loved james franco since i saw him in spiderman

Dianna said...

Come see more delicious JAMES FRANCO @ and! You won't be disappointed! This guy is just too handsome!!

Anonymous said...

such a babe

the iron chic said...

Have you seen Freaks and Geeks?
Best show ever.