May 2, 2008

the drinks we drank last night.

alber elbaz is the jolliest little man in fashion. friendly, warm, and never without a smile, one might assume that he doesn't befit the elitist and bloodthirsty standards of the fashion terrain.
and you would be right; elbaz doesn't fit in.

his designs are unparalleled and original, like nothing we've seen before. he refuses to fall into the shadows and create pieces that feel so 'been there done that'. the result is a mélée of feminine and androgynous characteristics, always striking the ideal balance. the expertly chosen fabrics are intricately folded and draped in order to produce la crème de la crème, and nothing less. drench the clothing in jewel tones and gorgeously rich hues, and voila, you've got yourself a lanvin collection worthy of tremendous admiration.
not to mention his personal attire. as the saying goes, 'the clothes make the man'. in his case, alber's jovial uniform consisting of a suit with a distinctive bow tie adorning his neck reveals beaming individuality and touch of humour. so unmistakably elbaz.
any man with such determination and undeniable talent as mr. elbaz is in my good books.
so naturally when i discovered that a denim line between elbaz and acne jeans was in the works, i was intrigued, to say the least. acne jeans are renowned for their simple and effortless aesthetic, and to inject lanvin's luxury into it could potentially prove triumphant. "it's time to go back to a product that has a dream to it" says elbaz. i suspect beautiful and comfortable jeans, nothing too strict or blatantly sexual. highwaists, vintage washes and loose legs; perhaps even a bow or two. remind yourselves (as i often must) that denim is not limited to jeans, and that elbaz might even design a jacket or a skirt.
we can only imagine what wonders he will fabricate.

the downfall is that the jeans will cost you around the same price as lanvin pret-a-porter. but if you've got the money to burn, you'll be able to get your hands on the goods come 2009.
and really, there isn't much of a question as to their impending success, is there ?


coco said...

I love Lanvin's dresses! The colours and shapes are stunning
I'm sure the jeans will be great too!

Allure said...

I can't wait to see the final thing. I bet it's going to be awesome.

ellie said...

darn those expensive jeans. what can you do? i know i'd never be able to afford either, but maybe it could inspire me to remake a dress into a top to go with jeans.

Cate said...

such a pity that the elbaz/acne jeans will cost as much as lanvin couture! but anyway i will take a look at what the designs look like. and lanvin is really so luxurious, i would love to wear one of their evening gowns sometime (if i had the money).