April 25, 2008

strung out on homemade speed.

okay, so taryn davidson doesn't look too ecstatic in the picture, but maybe she just remembered she parked her car in an illegal space or she forgot to feed her pet fish. no matter, what i'm getting at is her visage in this particular picture (more or less the facial expression that's occupying it) is parallel with my summer makeup inspiration - completely bare. needless to say, even with a touch of mascara and maybe a dab of illuminator, she looks natural and simple.



Jill said...

The problem I have with the nude makeup look like her's that there is actually quite a bit of makeup involved in the bare look. In summer I never look that great!

Romany said...

Oh wow she's gorgeous! People tell me I have pretty good skin (hmm, not sure whether I agree), but wouldn't it be amazing to be so flawless and luminous?!
Good summer makeup idea - bare. Less is more. Whatever you want to call it lol. I wish I could be that committed, but I'm too much of a makeup whore. Lol.

a. said...

oh to have skin that perfect...sigh.

Denise said...

she looks so pretty there. i also think less is more because if your wearing too much make up, it can look slutty. esp if your wearing bright eyeshadow and a bright lipstick.
i really love your blog!

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xx denise