April 21, 2008

songs from the sparkle lounge.

ashley & mary-kate olsen both have undeniably spectacular wardrobes; so what girl in their right mind wouldn't want a little slice of their style ?
elizabeth & james, named after two of their siblings, is the more daring, younger, and hip of their two clothing lines.
my favourite pieces would have to be the belle du jour dress (easily imitated with a certain dress from american apparel), black feathered plume vest, & of course, the hostess pajama pants. could you have guessed that ?
but alas, everything is still overpriced (read: i'm broke) and so i'm relegated to lusting through the cyberworld.
for more, who what wear daily posted an article with the designers'
favourites, and the official elizabeth and james website.
oh, to be an olsen.
or at least have access to their closets ...



omg everything is so overpriced... and yet i love everything!

Fleurr De Lux said...

I would kill somebody for some of those The Row tees....
Why aren't I a twin? Why didn't my mum put me in showbiz straight out of the womb? I'd be so much cooler!

On Track said...

Haha yeah why wasnt I born a famous acting fashionable and pretty twin darnit. I love the collection, might have to save a million to buy it though ;)

Juliet said...

Damn prices... :D

jliet xxx