April 24, 2008

son rêve américain.

assorted goodies from rodarte.
i adore them all; but my mom described the blue ones as 'cookie monster gone rambo !'
well, you win some & you lose some.


LBIC said...

all of those shoes are beyond amazing. and i love the pants in the first one.

Miss at la Playa said...

lol, I laughed with that description

Jessica said...

holy molyyy those shoes are hoot.

Romany said...

I'm obsessed with both pairs in the top pic. I mean, seriously. Gorgeous...
Oooh blue eyeshadow is hot right now! Good choice. ;)

a. said...

love it all!

& yes its this (omg) tuesday. i cant believe it.

ive been so busy planning everything ive kindof had to put blogging on hold but just until i get back - with loads of new photos of course ;]

TAYLOR said...

i love all those cl shoes!
especially the cl mad mary janes in the first pic..
your blog is ah-mazing!!