April 29, 2008

an outdated map crumbled in my pocket.

los angeles, california: 88 days.
i am so unbelievably excited.

my plans to date;
- visit american apparel's flagship.
- drink a chai latte at the coffee bean & tea leaf.
- rent a bicycle.
- explore the santa monica pier.
- dinner & a show.
- scope out malibu & laguna beach.
- promenade on rodeo drive.
- celebrity home tours (to satisfy my trashy, non-cynical side).
- the ellen degeneres show.
- walk a dog.
- ride a rollercoaster & a merry-go-'round.
- dinner parties.
- apply inhumane amounts of sunscreen.
- walk of fame.
- mojitos.
- pictures of the sunset.
- universal studios hollywood.
- maybe catch a glimpse of la ink.
- visit the museum of contemporary art in the heart of downtown.
- chinese theatre.

& that is what i've come up with to date.



LBIC said...

Ooh, you're lucky. I haven't been to the east coast yet.

LBIC said...

I obviously meant west coast since I live on the east coast. Sigh. I have no idea what my mind was thinking.