April 6, 2008

not gonna teach your boyrfriend to dance.

being the daughter of a romance novelist, you might think she would be extravagant and superfluous in her garb.
vanessa traina is quite the contrary.
she, in fact, forgoes loud look-at-me outfits - a rookie mistake of young hollywood - and instead favours more subtly luxurious ensembles. but don't mistake her for a fashion wallflower.
if anything, she's a creeping vine, slowly tiptoeing her way around runway shows and chic parties, all the while keeping her understated panache perfectly seamless and intact. vanessa primarily dons neutrals, but she manages to evade lackluster by adding interest through texture, sheen, and always the exact right accessories. on the rare occasion where she does go for vivid hues, she looks just as comfortable as she would her in tissue thin tees.
traina's subdued outfits are just as much - if not more - eye catching than the excessively embellished and gem encrusted attire of her peers.
this makes her a veritable style icon, one at home in her skin, at ease with herself.


emsie said...

I love that song!

Her outfits are lovely - simple yet effective I think. Just right.

discothequechic said...

oh myy, so well written!
like a little goldmine of gorgeous adjectives!

creeping vine..lovely. this trania always intrigues me, though she and her sister seem to have the same amount of fashion hits and each always varies in style so i can never decide which one i like best.
maybe i don't have to!
but wait, she clearly wins handsdown because of that Row video!