March 18, 2008

steady swell of applause.

i wish so badly that i could interpret alber elbaz in my everyday look, let alone treat you with images of my daily outfits, but unfortunately i must conform to a strict school uniform - it's navy blue & forest green for me !

so, here it is, what i wore today. actually, not exactly, but these are the only pictures i have of myself wearing the uniform. top marks manufactured blouse, plaid skirt & vest, black leggings, woven flats (worn to school but not at school, for chunky leather uniform shoes await in my locker) & medallion pendant.



anna. said...

i would hate uniforms,
no chance to express yourself.
i am only 5'3, but have long legs.

Isabel said...

Does your uniform say 'CSS'? That would be cool, because i go to a 'CSS' as well!

Kool Thing said...

I like the little tartan skirt. It's not too bad for a uniform, I've seen worse!

rachel said...

hey, don't knock the uni till after its gone. i sadly kind of miss mine after 2 years in college. one of my friends still wears our uniform jacket around.