March 20, 2008

skinned my knees like peach trees.

tgit, it's a long weekend !
thursday clothing.

mickey mouse tee by me + aa , wilfred spandex pencil skirt, aa tights, h&m flats, h&m gold chain.

spring must be approaching ! the snow is finally melting (gradally), the sun is shining, and i got some peeps today.

i love peeps.
(peeps, for those who are unlucky enough to be in the dark about such a mind-blowing creation, are marshmallow shaped chicks covered in sugar. so cute.)



LML said...

love the skirt!
neat picture of the peep like a little rubber duck!

Soul Tanggg said...

i love the way high waisted skirts look with simple tee-shirts.

That Versace skirt is up for bidding on my eBay. it looks like it would fit you!!

LBIC said...

Cute outfit! Love the flats.

Stephanie said...

Sweet outfit, I love how you pulled up the skirt so high!