March 22, 2008

oceanside fish wrapped in inky paper.

due to lack of inspiration, i thought i'd share trip pictures;

swimming in greece.

taking the boat around capri.

valentino's fashion show was here only days after i left.


a shopping mall in rome is nearly as exquisite as their monuments.

delphes, the cutest town hidden amidst the mountain, with only two main streets & a set of stairs connecting them.

greenery at la villa d'estée.

the streets of rome upon arrival.

the view.

all from my italy & greece escapade last summer. the most memorable days of my life.



Sister Libby said...

Oh my. If that's not perfect, I don't know what is.

K.Line said...

Thanks for the virtual travel. I feel like I've been across the globe... K

deexdeexdreamer said...

your photographs are beeautiful...the work of that amazing Nikon you were touting hmm(you can't tell i'm jealous, can you)?!

I kid, i kid :D Rome looks like the defintion of escapsim right now *le sigh*

WendyB said...

Wish I were there!!!!

SICK. said...

dear deexdeexdreamer;

there are two people who write for this blog - note our sign offs - one is jessica, & one is zoë.

jessica has a nikon. zoë does not. all i have is a kodak easyshare (which is good nonetheless). just keep that in mind.


Héloïse J. said...

oh you came in Greece? hope you had a wonderful time!