March 26, 2008

market your pills away.

i have my very own pair of seven for all mankind jeans. they were a gift from my cousin & they fit to a tee. luxury denim really does have its benefits: the fit, the wash, the elasticity, the comfort. all in one pair of blue jeans.

anyways, expect pictures soon, they're already taken, they're just residing in my camera for the moment, but uploads are upcoming.

and before i go, my dream summer hair;

i just have to figure out how to do it, & how to make it stay in place. trust me, not an easy feat.



LBIC said...

Oooh, her hair is so cute. I have curly hair and sometimes wish it were straight. But then again hers is chemically straight so I could pull this off? ::shrugs::

My guess is to braid parts of your hair first and then tie it bag and pin it.

hannah said...

braids just say summer to me. i love them.