March 26, 2008

kings amongst runaways.

the slightly oversized navy boys' blazer was omnipresent this season, on the runways as well as in the streets. as of late, the trendy piece is still circulating, making rounds here in ottawa aswell.
well, now that spring is right around the corner, and boxy blazers are soon to be replaced by frilly dresses & sleeveless tanks, i've gotten my hands on my very own navy blue suitjacket, with gold buttons & the perfect length of sleeve.

found in my twelve-year-old brother's closet, this baby is a gem. a ruby, or maybe even an emerald, for its value is incomparable. the cost: zero. nothing. zilch. the product: a staple for anyone who wants to look like they're part of the french vogue team. also know as; myself.

the reason why i only got my hands on it recently is simple: said twelve-year-brother does, after all, have a mind of his own, and he declared war last time i stole it from his closet (without asking, how dare i !). hence, i wasn't able to steal it a second time until he just recently accepted to loan it to me (it's not like he'd be wearing it anytime soon, anyways).

for some reason, the jacket looks like it's a forest colour in the pictures, but i suppose that's just because it was shot against a red backdrop. the next step in my plan for jacket domination is the following: keep it far from my brother for a long enough period of time to make it drift into the back of his mind where he stores historical notions & politics, an unused space that is sure to make him forget all about this baby.

ahh, sweet victory.



Maddy said...

Or just wait for him to grow out of it. He's twelve, and bound to have a growth spurt anytime now, rendering him gangly and awkward but putting you in permanent posession of all of his formalwear.

Victoire said...

It's so funny you should post this, as I just recently found my perfect oversize blazer at Value Village not too long ago. I wore it this week-end for the first time with a mini black slip-dress. It's very 90210 Donna Martin. Love it.

Wendy said...

Sweet steal! I've been searching for a navy school boy blazer for the longest time.

Romany said...

LOL! You're writing is great - witty and hilarious! :)
Navy blazers. You. Are. So. Right. This is the epitome of French Vogue chic.
Nice find.

a. said...

oooh. lucky you! its absolutely perfect.

Isabel said...

Oh, that jacket is perfect. I can't believe it was your lil bros! Sweeeet.

Sally Jane said...

Great blazer! The boy's department is definitely the best place to find them.