March 16, 2008

another drama by the kitchen sink.

why am i not surprised?

"Following Heath Ledger and artist Nate Lowman, Mary-Kate Olsen has been linked to yet another gentleman--Lapo Elkann, heir to Fiat, a $7.3 billion dollar Italian car company. Lapo's not getting all of that money himself, but between his wealth and M.K.'s 500-odd million dollar fortune, they certainly make an attractive couple if you're their bank. But Lapo, who's been friends with the 21-year-old pocket mogul for years, has a colourful history. In 2005, the rich kid o.d.'ed on cocaine and heroin while partying at a transsexual woman's house. He was in a coma for three months as a result of what we're sure everyone can agree was a messy night. We can only hope M.K.'s sister, Ashley, is keeping one eye on this situation while her other eye is running their corporation."

lapo seen here in a shoot with doutzen.

i know i'm sounding completely like a gossip columnist right now, & i apologize for that, but the olsens' love life will never cease to interest me.



Tinsley said...

marykate is messed up
i used to love her as a kid but i have more respect for ashley

i wouldnt think too much of it though - i doubt mk is going serious with anyone

LML said...

they always do amaze me... ever since i watched them in the adventures of MK and A lol

Héloïse J. said...

lapo with mk? wtf? what is that little doing? whatever!!!

Kool Thing said...

Say what? The Olsens have a 500 million dollar fortune? Now way! That's wild!

the iron chic said...

Screw Mary Kate. Doutzen has one of those faces where I'm like, holy fuck. What Gods did you please to deserve that?