February 25, 2008

who's been wearing what with who.

favourites on the 2008 oscars red carpet -

cameron diaz in dior by john galliano, kelly preston in roberto cavalli, rosamund pike in roland mouret, amy adams in proenza schouler, marion cotillard in gaultier paris haute couture.

now, normally i wouldn't rely on joan or melissa rivers for style advice, but they are entertaining. especially when joan comments on other celebrties' botched botox. so here are their 'expert' and 'oh-so-fashionable' opinions on a couple of red carpet stars.

marion cotillard
me: reminiscent of a majestic and stunning mermaid.
melissa rivers: "it looks like someone made, like, a whipped cream bra on the top. are we at sea world or the oscars ?"
joan rivers: "jean paul gaultier should be shot."

cameron diaz
me: the cut and colour is so pretty; sort of like a paler & more red carpet appropriate version of this outfit. and do i spy the same shoes ? so celebrities aren't too uppity to wear things more than once !
joan rivers: "it looks like they took her, and wrapped her in yards and yards and yards of fabric. she looks like she was dressed by martha stewart's towel department."


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quotes; www.stylelist.com


The Clothes Horse said...

Marion looks stunning. Such an off-beat, haute couture choice, I admire her audacity and how simple and lovely the look comes off. Gorgeous!

a. said...

marion looked utterly gorgeous.
as did amy adams, i just love her.

but my favourite was tilda swinton in lanvin (!) hardly any makeup, the colour of her hair & dress against her pale pale skin = perfection.