February 26, 2008

tempered furs & spangled boots.

this is possibly my most favourite piece of clothing that i own -

so comfortable and versatile.
worn with opaque tights, oversized cardigans, super high heels, biker jackets, under other skirts, over-the-knee socks, blazers, shrunken jackets, huge paper-thin tees; whatever.

it always looks new & perfect.
next, i plan to adopt it in these colours:

get your own at american apparel, 35$.


photos; thefashionspot, wolford, topshop, asos, american apparel, urban outfitters, net-a-porter.


kj said...

Where is that grey blazer from?? It's EXACTLY what I've been searching for....

Secretista said...

Red heads (assuming that picture is you and you are a red head) always look divine in green.

alluretone said...

^^ agreed. the green looks very nice.

Camille said...

I want this AA dress !!

cotton candy said...

those dresses absolutely look horrible on me because i don't have the body. ><" eek. you are so lucky and green seems to suit you so very well. ^^ i really like that shade of green. it's lovely.

SICK. said...

they grey blazer is from topshop, i'm pretty sure.

& yes that is me in the picture, thanks !


w0witsalana said...

you've persuaded me into buying one now!
i think i want black and forest green. :)


I have considered getting one myself, but I always have a problem with U-necks not being able to keep the sleeves up, they always fall down while I'm moving...and I find myself CONSTANTLY adjusting

is this the case for these?